Thursday, April 15, 1976

Obligatory Introduction Post

I had another blog, but I decided it didn't have the word "fuquerie" in it and that was sad. So I made a new one.

This blog is going to be about all things fuquerie. I like messing around with strange things, like thrift stores, flea markets, horrible old gelatin recipes, terrible movies, and science experiments not allowed to be sold in stores anymore. This is where I'm going to detail all of that. Mostly with pictures.

You may be wondering, just what is fuquerie anyway?

Well, it's "fuckery" spelled all fancy like. Fuckery is anything that is wtf. It's anything that makes you surprised, confused, bemused, amazed, horrified, or other emotions you normally do not experience when you look at inanimate objects. Fuckery gives you that strangely uncomfortable feeling or that tiny little squee of delight. Fuckery is everywhere. 

Fuckery originally came from Regretsy in the form of "whimsicle fuckery." There's a deeper backstory there, but you'll just have to discover it for yourself. Fuckery is to be experienced.