Links O' Fuquerie

The Bloggess - Keep duct tape on hand to repair your split sides.

Thrift Horror - If you can't figure out what it's about from the title, you might be lost.

Brass Farthing - Review blog of author Michaela Grey. Mostly book reviews, but like me, she cannot resist the sweet siren call of bad movies.

Leslie Hall - Gem sweaters and cool jams

Rifftrax - Like MST3K? Then you need Rifftrax.

Thrift Store Adventures - No longer updated, but lots of fun.

PensEnvy store - Yes, I'm pimping my own store. It's my blog and I can do that.

The Fucking Weather - In case you're worried about needing a jacket. Spoiler: If you're in south Texas, you don't.

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