Saturday, December 1, 2012

Flea Market Fuquerie

You know what's better than thrift stores? Flea markets! Because anyone who has a booth can bring in whatever weird thing they want.

The tag says it's a glass squash, but all I see is a dildo.

I did not arrange them, I swear. They were already like that.

I missed the Cructar invasion. Who won?

The "Hitler is still alive" right above "People who depress us" really elevates the fuckery of this already fuckery-filled magazine.

Every house needs one of these!

One of the Three Little Pigs looked into the Ark of the Covenant.

Foiled by the Cructar invasion, no doubt!

In a dark, hidden corner, I found a used wig. I did not try it on.

This can has never been opened. In case you only use vintage cleaning products from a rusty can.

I call these, "The Butthole Twins."

This is a painting crying out for some tentacles.

Creepy old lady vase. Because the best place to store a bouquet is inside grandma's head.

I don't know why this cow is wearing a shower cap or how it's staying on, given that her ears are outside.

I remember buying these things at the county fair. Somewhere, I have one of Jonathan Brandis (though I'll never admit to it).

You know what sounds refreshing right now? A 31 year old bottle of Coke.

I got glares for taking pictures, so I switched to an app that silences the camera shutter. The app sucks.
Neon painted bird candle holders. Goes with any decor.

Mmmm....old man head coffee...

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