Saturday, September 1, 2012

Meet Albert Escobar

On the way home from the taxidermypalooza antique store, I saw this thing peering at me from the highway and immediately slammed on my brakes to take a closer look. (Sorry for the dark photo. Sun was being a downer.)

That's a frigging dinosaur sculpture. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen!
Alas, I could neither afford it, nor fit it in the back of my Honda, but I was able to afford it's smaller, more anorexic brother. This is something I've been wanting all my life and I was going to have it, even if it meant I'd never be able to justify that iguana later.

Since the thing is almost as tall as I am, with a long tail to boot, getting it in the back of my Honda was going to be a problem. Not that I let that stop me:

I got a lot of strange looks from other motorists on the way home:

I got him home, much to the delight of my husband, who doesn't think I'm crazy at all.

Albert Escobar has been a very important member of our family.

Sometimes, he wants to feel pretty.

Update: Of course we dressed him up for the holidays.

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