Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm A Minor Duchess Of Broken Promises posting regularly. I keep promising to do it and then I don't. It's a combination of running out of time and not getting a chance to explore thrift stores. Also, my favorite antique mall closed down! That's where I found so much awesome and horrible stuff! Now I have to go find another one. I spent a year cultivating that source and now it's gone without even so much as a snippy email.

After being thoroughly irradiated (twice over), I spent all day yesterday driving around town to thrift stores, flea markets, taxidermy places, and finally the Japanese market because I really wanted lychee gummies. I didn't get to half my fuckery list, which is probably good because I'm currently procrastinating my research paper that's due on Monday. The one I haven't written yet.


I found stuff, but I am swamped to the gills for the next three weeks. I passed my criminal background check (it helps if you bury the bodies really deep) and will start my volunteer job next week, which will make my time crunch worse.

Also, a lot of my time suck has been a really terrible book I'm reading. Normally, I can devour a piece of zombie genre fluff in a day or two, but this has taken me weeks. Why? Because it's so terrible, it's an amazing work of art that I need to inflict upon share with everyone I know via carefully documented snippets and long discussions. It's so bad, I'm baffled as to how this got published with Permuted because the author failed to get so much as an elementary school student to edit for him. I am finally 3/4 of the way through and I am dreading the end because then I won't have any more of it to read. It's that amazing.

If you're into reading amazingly terrible books, please please get this one! I'm reading the Kindle version, so I don't know if the print edition was properly edited. I hope not. I'd hate to think people reading the print version are missing out on so much glory. I'm going to have to post about this book here because it deserves to be known.

Anyway, that's where my time has gone. But hey, I'm not completely devoid of fuckery! My Tumblr page is chugging along with finds. I know, I could be posting here, but I can queue Tumblr posts from my phone the moment I take the photo, so it's so easy. It's like magic. Fuckery magic. The magic of fuckery. Please, go follow my Tumblr if you are jonesing for fuckery.

In the meantime, please enjoy this delightful magic space whale coffee table:
There is no way this could be anything but magical.

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