Sunday, April 14, 2013

Of Bear Heads and Jungle Expeditions

So I've been busy and by "busy," I mean "goofing around doing pointless shit." That's why my Saturday blog post actually got posted on Sunday morning, even though I cleverly backdated it for Saturday so you think I wasn't goofing off.

So what was I doing? Well, first of all, I heard Kohl's had an inflatable bear head for $4. Yes, you heard right. Instead of being responsible and working on Saturday's post, homework, or everything else I'm procrastinating, I was buying a goddamn four dollar inflatable bear head and quietly installing it above the bed to see if anyone would notice:

It was noticed.

After being noticed, it was promptly removed because apparently it's "looming" in an unnerving way. Fine. Just wait until the inflatable fish comes...

The other thing that happened is I'm having issues with the dudes we pay to mow the lawn. Our lease says we have to mow it, but we don't have a mower. Even if we did, apparently the neighbors have a problem with 3am mowing, the party poopers. So we're at the mercy of a company that has apparently decided they don't give a fuck. As a result, the back yard has turned into a bit of a jungle. And where there are jungles, there are intrepid explorers searching for adventure...

Sadly, that's the last known footage recorded by Eunice Beaver, biologist and intrepid explorer. 

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  1. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award.... Check out my blog (and the blogger who nominated me) for the rules and its up to you if you decide to do the questions etc


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