Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WTF Wednesday: Taxidermy Everywhere

Taxidermy is one of those things that never occurred to me could be something horrible and magical. I grew up in a hunting and fishing household and dad would occasionally get some things stuffed for display. On Christmas, we hung ornaments on the small mouth bass and mallard duck by the door. Occasionally, they would get a jaunty red bow for extra festiveness. It also didn't occur to me that turkey beards was something most people didn't know about, much less use as decor.

Recently, I've been looking at taxidermy in a whole new light. The whole thing is strange and unsettling and wonderful. It's demented, but also amazing. So naturally, I have to share a little of the wtf I've found over the past year. Yes, some of this has been posted before. So sue me.

I imagine this is the last thing you see before hearing the sound of the front door locking behind you.
We warned you not to take that handyman job from Old Man Jenkins.

This is the happiest looking taxidermy bobcat I've ever seen, despite the derpy eyes.
"I can has cheezburger?"

Jaunty bow weasel is ready for his Glamour Shot.
All taxidermy should sport a jaunty bow at some point.

This isn't really taxidermy, but how can you say no to cow pelvis?
Cow pelvis says your argument is invalid.

Also not taxidermy, but this deer skull needs a home with someone who will decorate him in a jaunty bow.
Or a pink wig.

I went back to get this iguana, but the seller refused to sell. I guess he just realized how awesome it was.
One day, it will be mine...

In case you need a prop to tell guests they should look for a motel.
Since live boars aren't practical.

When I think of pheasants in flight, I think of them stuffed in a basket on top of a chunk of cow hide.
It's had a rough life.

"I don't know what's wrong with my badger, doc. He's not eating or playing. He just lays there all flat."
"Maybe he needs more mushroom mushroom!" (kids, ask your parents)

I'm not sure if this counts as taxidermy, but mummified puffer fish with googly eyes is pretty special in itself.
Puffer fish are known for their penchant for straw hats.

Classy Texas-style decor: Practical and made from feet!
I wonder what part of the deer they used for the matching umbrella stand?

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