Saturday, January 26, 2013

Adults! Unusual New Offers!

Remember the 15 Million Lesbians on the Loose? Well, that fabulous magazine was filled with all sorts of ads for porn, lonely men to find escorts, stacks of porn, sex toys, video porn, leg lifts, book porn, mail order brides, comic porn, and did I mention porn? In the midst of this was my favorite ad ever:

Being the curious person that I was, I was dying to know what was so unusual about them. Just about everything else was covered by the other ads, even by 1961 standards. There were ads for BDSM, female airplane mechanic role playing, even underwater porn. So what in the world were these and why were they so unusual?

Naturally, I could not let this be passed up without some sort of action. So I decided to send off for these unusual new offers to the address listed.

Since this is what Google says is the address of these unusual new offers, I assumed there was not going to be much in the way of a reply. Still, I had hope!

Well, it's been four months and I've gotten no reply, not even a "return to sender." I'm disappointed. Still, I would have been more disappointed if I didn't try. This isn't going to stop me. If anything, I'm now tempted to send off for more things from old magazines.


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