Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WTF Miscellany: Iowa Post Card

I'm a big fan of wtf, as you might have noticed. One thing I collect is boring vintage post cards, which I'll probably blog about at some point. However, I've noticed that in the world of vintage post cards, there is a whole lot of wtf going on.

While many jokes have timeless appeal, changing cultures and society have their own special humor. For example, airline food isn't much of a joke these days, having been replaced by commentary on TSA rectal exams. Prince Albert in a can has fallen out of fashion and there's no indication that Prince William is going to be cramming himself in steel containers anytime soon.

So when I come across some comedic vintage postcards, the humor is often utterly lost on me (especially Victorian and Edwardian postcards. You people be crazy). Or in the case of this Iowa post card, the humor isn't lost so much as I wonder what they were smoking.

If my Iowa farm family is any indication, weed wrapped in cornhusks.
What I've learned about 1909 life in Iowa from this postcard is pretty startling. It appears that Iowa was once plagued with gigantic rabbits that were stripping the landscape bare of any vegetation. This was such a menace to farmers that they had to hire teams of horseless carriage bounty hunters in order to chase these things down and lasso them into submission.

As the caption clearly states, when an Iowegian goes after anything, they get it. How many brave men and women died in the quest to eradicate this rabbit menace, I'll never know. I do know that I salute those brave warriors. Bravo.

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