Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thrift Store Fuquerie: Now With More Hairy Horror

I love having a Thrift Town just down the street. It's always got some enjoyable weirdness. Such as....

This candleholder, which is made from festering boils.

Ceramic Grow-A-Fetus.

A wire armature that not only has seen better days, but can't stand up without support.

Straw art organizer, with Mophead, X-Face, and the Masturbating Bunny.

"Texie the Cowgirl Cat." What do you mean, you've never heard of Texie?

She's branded and everything.

This head is ambivalent about being eaten by a bear.

Mother Hen's gambling debts were out of control. It was time to take her chicks to market.

Every thrift store has at least one unmentionable horror. I'm currently taking requests as to who I should inflict this upon.

This cow is so fucking stoned, man. Did you know that chickens, like, come from eggs? Duuude!

Wigs were everywhere, hanging from the racks like the scalps of a serial killer's victims.

Derpy Cat 2 is pleased to meet you.

Dylan, the technicolor snail thinks you shouldn't have had that second dose of LSD.

Also, the thrift store inexplicably featured two Zulu themed coconuts. I don't know if these are official Zulu coconuts since they aren't handpainted, but the design on the black one is the same design as the one on a gold coconut caught by a blogger during 2012 Lundi Gras. If anyone has info, I'd love to know.

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