Thursday, February 28, 2013

High School 1958 vs 2012: The Birch Tree

As talked about in this post, I am going to write my own versions of that idiotic "High School 1958 vs 2008/2009/2010/2011/2012" thing that has been plaguing the internet. Please enjoy my interpretation of nonexistent Scenario 10...

Young David and Cynthia have a stern disciplinarian for a father; they each must choose and cut birch branches to bring to their father for their whippings.

1958: There is only one birch, deep in the thickest part of the forest. Children are warned never to venture here, but father's instructions are clear and the children are too afraid of him to disobey. For years, they've been cutting branches from this birch tree for their whippings. For years, their fright and pain has been transferred to these branches. For years, the lone birch has stood, feeling every blow through its disembodied branches. As it feels David and Cynthia once again cut at its limbs, something inside it awakens. David and Cynthia look up, sensing a change around them. They stare at the tree and are overwhelmed by alien feelings. They feel rage, violation, and strangely, love. The feelings build inside them with such intensity, the world goes black.

David and Cynthia return home with their branches, but they did not return alone. Their father was angry with them for being so late. They were instructed to return promptly and they were clearly out playing, avoiding their punishment. He reaches to take the branches from the children, but they will not release. Angry, he orders them to drop the branches. They just stare at him, their eyes flat. In unison, they raise their birch branches and silently step towards father. For the first time in his life, he knows fear.

People say the children's laughter could be heard blocks away. Those who heard it smiled, feeling nostalgic for the simpler times when they were children. David, Cynthia, and their father vanished that day. Their mother never gave up hope. Even on her deathbed in the asylum, she swore that her children were alive and well in the forest, playing happily in the trees.

2012: A young couple move into David and Cynthia's old house. They had learned of the terrible disappearance of the children and father, but the price on the house was too good to be true. They're expecting their first child and this home will be perfect for their family...and each night, they're lulled to sleep by the laughter of children whispering through the branches.

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