Friday, March 1, 2013

Toilet Seat Museum Part 2: Hobbies and Occupations

In this post, I showed you some of the glory that is the Toilet Seat Museum. If you haven't read it yet, go do it right now.


In Part 2 of my tour of the Toilet Seat Museum, I bring you a choice selection of hobby and occupation related toilet seats.

Quilting, that age-old hobby by master artists and amateurs alike.
I have no idea what half those doohickeys are.

Charms on a chain for the jewelry hobbyists.
On Etsy, this would be a gold mine of vintage.

Painters are represented by some of his own oil pants, now long used.
Eh, can't think of anything snarky.

Hey, what's thi---AH! TEETH!
Every non-dentist in America just gave a collective shudder.

For the bicycle enthusiasts, there's a toilet seat dedicated to you!
He did the bicycle drawing.

Tattoo artists! Here's your toilet seat!
I forgot to ask if he had a tattoo of a toilet seat.

Shout out to my fiber arts peeps.
No, tatting has nothing to do with the tattoo thingie above.

The "Work to Be Completed" toilet seat looks a whole lot like my many abandoned project bags.                                                  
I'm pretty sure my grandmother had an actual latch hook toilet seat cover...

The fine art of Legos, immortalized in toilet seat form.
And less likely to be stepped on in the middle of the night.

For the mathematicians out there, some calculating devices.
Kids, go ask your...uh...Renaissance ancestors.

My hand probably says XQFLKZNP.
Coif Leg? I suck at this.

Shut up. Transformers is too a hobby! Besides, he engraved that by hand. Eat it, bitches!
What!? No Soundwave!?

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