Friday, March 8, 2013

Toilet Seat Museum Part 3: Places, Everyone!

In this post, I showed you some of the glory that is the Toilet Seat Museum. If you haven't read it yet, go do it right now.


In Part 3 of my tour of the Toilet Seat Museum, I bring you some of the location-based toilet seats.

Colorado, state of legal weed and yuppies.
Okay, fine, all that other stuff too.

Alaska, home of bears and idiot tourists teasing the bears.
Also, ptarmigan.

Arkansas, being thankful that Mississippi exists.
I sorta proudly signed this seat.

More Arkansas. This was one of his older toilet seats, seeing years of abuse, probably from idiots stealing the crystals.
I'm not quite sure where that formation is located.

Wyoming, aka: The State Everyone Forgets About
That and New Hampshire.

Louisiana, saying thank goodness for Arkansas.
No, really. I'm sure Louisiana is doing great. 

Padre Island National Seashore, which is actually a very cool place.
I go there for the jellyfish poking opportunities. 

Iowegians (who apparently don't like being called "Iowegians") got a very pretty toilet seat.
The one time corn would be an appropriate decoration...

Now this is one of the best things I've ever seen. This is a genuine, certified, actual fragment of one of Saddam Hussein's toilets.
Can you believe it? Two degrees separates me from Saddam Hussein's shit!

Sorry to end on a bummer note, but I thought it would have been more disrespectful to follow this with jokes. This is a piece of the Berlin Wall and a piece of barbed wire from the fence at the Auschwitz concentration camp.
Seriously, fuck Hitler.

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