Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bussey's Flea Market Fuquerie (with bonus video!)

Finding Bussey's Flea Market was like finding a magical world of wonder wrapped up in knockoff goods, hoarders junk, delightful crafts, and topped with a sno-cones and nachos with suspicious yellow sauce. If society collapses and we're forced into a barter culture, I imagine it would look just like Bussey's. The sheer size of the place is ridiculous and I still haven't seen it all after two trips.

Believe me, there was a whole lot of wtf around, but there was more than I could really get to in time. So my documentation of the wonder that is Bussey's will probably be an ongoing project.

Need licensed character pinatas at knockoff prices?
Somewhere, there's a label that says "Genuine Sorny."

Mr. and Mrs. Scowlinski probably didn't expect to wind up here.
There's no way this picture isn't haunted.

Three little goats to go across your troll bridge.
Local 485 under bridge trolls represent!

Naked mermaid wall art. I actually love these things and want an entire wall of them.
Is that Nemo in your scales or...

I might have fallen in love with the Mexican art import booth. I need a wall of these as well.
Wall devils help ward off unannounced relatives.

There was a mall store-sized booth of these things as well as the most ridiculous looking fantasy swords ever conceived.
Somewhere in the UK, a lawmaker just fainted.

Pair of metal cocks, just hanging out. I think they must be cousins to Beyonce.
If you don't know who Beyonce is, get thee to The Bloggess

This seller is primarily a seller of repaired bicycles. Also horn sheaths, because you can never have too many of those.
Why wouldn't you find horn sheaths at a market this amazing?

I have no idea what this is, but it's going to swallow something of yours.
Soul? Innocence? Genitals? Pocket change? Take your pick.

I would like to believe this is some sort of whimsical, handmade item created by a strange old man in a dusty garage, but I'm afraid it's more likely mass produced for college students.
"Of all the beer bottles, why do I have to be made with light beer?"

"Herb" racks indeed. The seller also had legal synthetic marijuana. When I told my husband, he worried that I was going to smoke some. What? I didn't buy any! He said "Oh, I thought you were going to blog about it." So consider that to be blogged about.
On our next visit, I dared him to buy some synthetic pot. He refused, the partypooper.

Most people don't know you can shoot a heart attack to stop it.
Not recommended for athlete's foot.

I love this display so hard. So many things going on. Ceramic cocks, vaguely Chinese wise men, and laser disco Virgin Mary clock on top of a lace doily.
There is no way this isn't amazing.

Wanna know what that clock looks like in action? You're welcome.


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