Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Flea Market Fuquerie Part 1: Panther Wrangling

A friend and I wandered out to a flea market in search of glorious fuckery and other such wonderful things. There was definitely some choice wtf bits going on, so behold the fruits of our exploits!

I know, this straw angel doesn't look creepy enough. Keep staring.
Like peppers, it's the slow burn that gets you the most.

Okay, I lied. Straw angel was a cakewalk compared to straw bunny from hell.
$18: Too much or too little for this thing? Discuss.

Go home, zebra. You are drunk. Very, very drunk.
New discussion question: How does one get a zebra drunk?

Derpy Cat is just so happy, he doesn't care about being turned into a decorative candelabra.
Derpy Cat has poor survival skills.

If you thought the unopened bottle of Coca Cola from the 80s was bad, how about some unopened Coca-Cola from the 60s?
People, Coke is not the same as scotch! It does not get better with age.

The blobfish's more attractive cousin.
So to speak.

Cars in Jars & Other Disappointing Children's Stories by Eunice Beaver
Projected release date late 2013.

Hang up Angry Devil Cat over your front door and I guarantee your neighbors will stop asking you to put up decorations for Christmas.
Any day I can screw with the HOA is a good day.

Wanted: Armless, legless torso dressed in pastel French 1700s attire. Must be stoned.
It's for a school project.

Well, this doesn't look so bad. Sure, her face is kind of creepy, but I've seen worse.
Is there a reason she looks like a painted corpse?

I love planting violets inside the skulls of my victims.

Okay, I promised you panther wrangling, didn't I? Well, here it is. Panther wrangling.
"Oh crap, I caught an angry, flailing panther, now what do I do with it!?"

If anyone knows the provenance of that picture, I would appreciate a heads up. I have questions that need answers.

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