Saturday, March 30, 2013

AHHH! *muppet flail* and Sorely Needed Update

^^That's me as I realize a week has gone by and I haven't posted anything. I've been a little distracted. First of all, a new term of school started and suddenly I'm in the middle of midterms again. Then there was that whole Martian Death Plague thing. Then in my free time, I was utterly wrapped up in my mission to get my damned lavender 1980s bike to work with a modern fluid trainer (I failed), and exploring the world for fuckery material (I succeeded).

Also, there was that whole live blogging fuckery thing on Tumblr. 

I kind of forgot to mention that, didn't I?

Yeah, so I have a Tumblr. It's a lot of stuff from this blog that's been reposted there, but there's also stuff that hasn't been posted here, as well as a lot of random stuff from the past, and general randomness. You can find the Tumblr here:

I did a live blogging event last week where I took a day trip to several different flea markets and other roadside wtfs. I uploaded pictures of fuckery as I found them, so viewers could experience the "why the hell does that exist?" along with me. The combination chainsaw sculpture and RV park was closed, but it was a total success otherwise.  This was more an impromptu test to see if my replacement phone was up to the task (it was). I'd love to do it again and promise a scheduled live blogging will be announced.

Other things in the works:

* I thoroughly explored the post-apocalyptic flea market for several days and came away with a boatload of hilarious bootleg goodies. I will make a post about it and I also plan on having an auction for mystery grab bags of bootleg stuff. 

* The pictures from the live blogging will be made into a post soon, most likely broken up into multiple parts because there's a lot of pictures.

* Clown posts are still being planned. There's a whole lot of clowns out there and my clown folder is bursting with horror. 

* Peeps bunnies were at Big Lots for a dollar a box. I'm planning a diorama. Fortunately, Peeps last forever.

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