Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bussey's Flea Market: Postapocalypse Now

North of San Antonio is a place so amazing, I've been there more times than any non-hoarder should. I've posted about this place before because it's too amazing for just one post.

You know how post-apocalyptic movies always have those scenes where the protagonist enters the bustling market hub where people are bartering, shady deals are going down in back alley rooms, and there's an undercurrent of any moment, someone clad in leather is going to be chasing a cyborg down the aisle?

That, my friends, is Bussey's Flea Market (only with more sno-cones). 

Does the giant armadillo sign promise anything less than magic?

This is exactly why the art of stained glass was created.
If you don't agree, you're on the wrong blog.

Black velvet bullfight would only have been better if it one of them was Elvis.
Doesn't matter which one.

Go away, evil. We don't want you here.
This candle is fighting evil. Your argument is invalid.

I assume these frocks are for the ladies who are seeking a one night stand with a clown.
It's like a gang uniform for crazy people.

Apparently these things are all the rage now. Because when you have wine, you want to class it up with cocks deep throating a bottle.
Or tequila. Whatever floats your eyeballs.

In my favorite Mexican import booth, I acquired a metal goat. It is currently fighting a Weeping Angel Barbie recently returned from Mardi Gras while a jellyfish placidly swims by.
a.k.a. "Tuesday" in our house.

Don't worry, this isn't all there is to Bussey's. Oh no. Not by a long shot. There will be more post-apocalypse flea market updates, mark my words.

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